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Hicks, Mary Grace Assistant Principal
Johnson, Suzette Principal
Webmaster, Hayden Middle

Bice, Hope Fifth Grade Math
Black, Theresa Library-Media Specialist
Carter, Kim Fifth Grade Science
Cates, Therisa Intervention/Read180
Dailey, Renee Sixth Grade Science
Eddy, Bethany Sixth Grade Math
Elmore, Brooke Fifth and Sixth Grade Special Education
Etheredge, Brittany Special Education
Gunter, Michael Seventh Grade Civics and Geography
Henderson, Brittney Seventh Grade Language Arts
Henley, Connie Sixth Grade Language Arts
Heron, Vicki Seventh Grade Math
Hicks, Amanda Sixth Grade Math
Jeter, Lindsay Sixth Grade Language Arts
Kovash, Beth Seventh Grade Language Arts
Lary, Becky Counselor
Mayfield, Carla Fifth Grade Language Arts
Odom, Michelle Fifth Grade Social Studies
Plyler, Peggy Seventh Grade Science
Storey, Emily Seventh Grade Math
Thomas, Danielle Fifth Grade Language Arts
Walker, Chelsea Fifth Grade Teacher
Warren, Jana Special Education and Intervention Teacher
Washington, Sandy Sixth Grade Social Studies
Winningham, Jason Band/Counselor

Abernathy, Tammie School Nurse
Alexander, Becky Computer Lab
Cochran, Brian Custodian
Cork, Tammie Paraprofessional
Davis, Vickie Paraprofessional
Doss, Debby Custodian
Hargett, Becky P.E. Aide
Reid, Valerie Bookkeeper
Scroggins, Denise INOW Manager
Smith, JoAnn Paraprofessional